INDIAN PRECISION ENGINEERS foray into the world of Power Transmission was made in 1978. The company manufactures Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes for reliable and smooth start.

Indian Precision Engineers is one of the leading manufacturers of Electromagnetic Multidisc Clutches / Brakes, Electromagnetic Toothed Clutches, Electromagnetic Fail Safe Brakes in technical Collaboration with Maschinen Fabrik Monninghoff, Germany... having an experience of over Three decades in designing and manufacturing a wide range in different models. 

Indian Precision Engineers also extends its activities in Designing, Manufacturing of Mechanical Clutches, Torque Limiters, Electromagnetic Push Pull Solenoids, Holding Electromagnet, Couplings other special components catering wide range of reputed industries. 

Commitment to Quality, Reliability, and Precision has ensured Indian Precision Engineers a high profile place among many leading industries. 

Electromagnetic Multidisc Clutches/Brakes... Toothed clutches are most opted in the field of mechanical transmission all over the world. The ever increasing demand for Automation in Machine Tools have created various applications for this. 

Mechanical clutches, safety clutches, couplings, free wheel units find numerous applications in engineering sector, machine tools, earth moving equipment, construction machinery, etc.. 

IPE Clutches / Brake are being extensively used by original Equipment Machine Tools Manufacturers in the country such as M/s. HMT & many others. Our customers also include S.P.M builders, Printing & Packaging industries, Textile Industries etc. 

It may be of interest for you to note that our Multi disc clutches are supplied with plates having special feature i.e. the outer periphery of outer plate are provided with Finger spring which helps in faster disengagement & minimum residual torque. 

Our positive drive Toothed Clutches are extensively used in textile machinery, Winches etc. Textile machine L1400 frame manufactured by M/s LMW is one such example. 

IPE Clutches / Brake have been tested by M/s Central Manufacturing Technology Institute- Bangalore. 

IPE also undertake manufacturing of clutches/ Brakes equivalent to European, American & Japanese makes. 

Kindly request you to register our name in your Approved Supplier’s list. It would be Pleasure for our Sales & Technical staff to have personal discussions on any of your problems in this field. Thanking you, in anticipation of your valued enquires & assuring you our Best Services at all times.