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INDIAN PRECISION ENGINEERS foray into the world of Power Transmission was made in 1978. The company manufactures Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes for reliable and smooth start.

Indian Precision Engineers is one of the leading manufacturers of Electromagnetic Multidisc Clutches / Brakes, Electromagnetic Toothed Clutches, Electromagnetic Fail Safe Brakes in technical Collaboration with Maschinen Fabrik Monninghoff, Germany... having an experience of over Three decades in designing and manufacturing a wide range in different models.

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Products of Indian Precision Engineers


Electromagnetic Multidisc Wet Running Clutches And Brake

Multidisc clutches/brakes are known for their smooth acceleration... high operating performance....

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Electromagnetic Multidisc Dry Running Clutches And Brake

They are not surrounded by magnetic field. These type clutches are used with special friction material...

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Electromagnetic Toothed Clutches

The toothed clutches are recommended for small dimensions, high torques, short operating times...

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Electromagnetic Multidisc Fail Safe Brake(Spring Loaded Brake)

The Braking of high flywheel inertia is possible by the brakes with large heat capacity and high heat dissipation...

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Mechanical Single And Double Action Clutches

Mechanical Clutches are used in most engineering sectors such as machine tools, marine engineering...

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Multidisc Torque Limiters
(Safety Clut- ches)

Safety clutches are used as safety devices to protect large components from overload in machine tools...

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Electromagnetic Linear Push,Pull Solenoid Actuators

Solenoids basically are electrical devices used to convert electrical energy into linear mechanical motion...

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Telescopic Power Supply Brushes

We offer more than 100 types of telescopic brushes and inserts used on Electromagnetic Clutches equivalent...

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All Type Of Clutch And Brake Plates

We also manufacture large quantity of clutch plates to a variety of customer specification and sizes...

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Holding Electromagnet

These holding electromagnets are D C operated units, which when electric current passes in to the device..

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