Electromagnetic Single Disc Fail Safe Brakes

The Narsipur & Son’s Manufacturing Division’s Safety Brakes and Torque limiters are designed to protect machinery from damage due to power failures, fluctuations and sudden overloads. The robust and durable machinery is highly sought after by users in the field of overhead transport systems, machine tools and numerically controlled machines.

These Safety Brakes are normally in the applied (braking) condition. When electric supply is given, the brake is released and the shaft free to rotate. In case of power failure or cut off, the strong compression spring pushes the armature back to its position clamping the brake instantaneously thus preventing accidents.

Safety Brakes find application in most material handling equipments like forklifts, cranes, conveyors and other construction equipments.


    1. Low cost design
    2. Emergency braking capability
    3. Asbestos free facing
    4. Different mounting options


Torque Range 7Nm to 40Nm
Outer diameter range 98mm to 158mm
Operating Voltage 24v


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